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​To provide policies and guidelines for the stimulation development of the country's economic growth

​To ensure the country's food security; and social security through Skim Persaraan Kebangsaan (SPK) under TAP

​To allocate annual expenditure for the implementation of government's infrastructure projects

​To ensure the government and country's financial stability


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Verification of Accuracy Readings and Annual Registerion on Weighing Machine (Brake Tester) To The Company Providing Vehicle Inspection Station (VIS) Services

​​18 May 2024

Industry and Business Ecosystem Division (IBE) through Weights and Measures Unit (SDT) under Ministry of Finance and Economy conducted verification of accuracy readings on weighing machine (brake tester) on Saturday, 11th May 2024.

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Pemeriksaan bersepadu JPES dan SDT pastikan kepatuhan peniaga terhadap Akta Kawalan Harga, Penggal 142 dan Akta Sukatan dan Timbangan 1983 Penggal 151

15 Mei 2024 

Jabatan Perancangan Ekonomi dan Statistik (JPES) melalui Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pengguna bersama Unit Sukatan dan Timbangan (SDT), Bahagian Industri dan Ekosistem Perniagaan di bawah Kementerian Kewangan dan Ekonomi telah menjalankan operasi bersepadu ke atas premis-premis perniagaan di Daerah Temburong pada baru-baru ini.

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Implementation of The New Tafis System (TAFIS 2.0)

11 May 2024

​The Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE) has launched TAFIS 2.0, a new accounting and payment system built on the SAP platform, to replace the previous system commencing on 1st. April 2024, to coincide with the beginning of the Financial Year 2024/2025. As with any implementation of a new system, it is expected that some issues and challenges may arise during the system stabilization period.

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