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Downloadable Forms For Incorporation

​No.Type of Required Documents
Section in the Companies Act (CAP. 39)
​1​Memorandum and Articles of Association [download form]​Section 15
​2​Consent to Act as a Director form [download form]​Section 139
​3​List of Directors Form (Form X) [download form]​Section 143
4​​Notice of Change in Situation of Registered Office [download form]​Section 92(2)
​5​Return of Alteration in the list of particulars of Directors of a Foreign Company (Form IV (F)) [download form]​Section 301
​6​Return of the Allotment of Shares [download form]​Section 45
7​​Return of alteration in the charter, statutes, memorandum or articles of association or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of a company (Foreign Company)
[download form]
​Section 301
8​​Notice of increase in Nominal Capital [download form]​Section 55
​9​Return of Alteration in the names or addresses of the person resident in Brunei Darussalam authorised to accept service on behalf of a company (Foreign Company) [download form]​Section 301

(NOTE : Please kindly be informed to convert your filled-in forms to pdf/jpeg/tiff formats upon uploading the required forms in your application.)