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Ministry Of Finance and Economy Circulars 1/2015

Ministry of Finance Circular No. 1/2015 dated 4 April 2015

  • The purpose of this Circular is to update the procurement process done by all Ministries

  • The threshold amount for Mini Tender Board is reduced from B$500,000.00 to B$250,000.00

  • To improve the discipline and accountability of Mini Tender Board especially in ensuring that the tender evaluation will give the best value for money and within the approved budget allocation, any procurement done either by quotation or tenders, should comply to the conditions specified in the checklist.

  • All procurement of vehicles (outright purchase or leasing) should be submitted to the State Tender Board for the approval. The objective is to control the number of vehicle based on priority anf type of requirement. Ministry/Department should also, list out all their vehicle assets.

  • Officers and staff who does not comply to the above regulation, may be liable for disciplinary action and/or surcharge in accordance to the current regulation.

  • Mini Tender Board should submit a copy of the approved minutes of meeting not later than one (1) week after the date of approval.

  • The circular letter can be downloaded here