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System for Tax Administration and Revenue Services

How do we register our company into STARS?
If your company is registered with the Registry of Companies and Business Names (ROCBN) before 2015, the company’s particulars will be automatically integrated with our STARS (Tax online system)

Do I need to inform the Revenue Division if I made changes to my company’s particulars (ie, address, director’s details and etc)?
Yes, any changes on the company’s particulars have to be informed to Revenue Division in writing or via email.

As a director of a company, how do I give access to my employees or tax agents?
It is the responsibilities of the director to authorize their employees and tax agents in the STARS System, where the employees and tax agents access will expire every 30th of September annually.
The director of the company will have definite access into the company.
You may click here for the "Step by Step guide".