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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant (ASEAN CPA)?

It is a title conferred by ACPACC to a qualified Professional Accountant of an ASEAN Nationality who have satisfied the requirements under the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on Accounting Services.

Why should I apply to be an ASEAN CPA?

The MRA recognizes mutual recognition of qualifications and experiences of professional accountants amongst ASEAN Member States. Those professional accountants conferred with ASEAN CPA title are adjudged to be competent professionals. The certification show that they have attained a recognized level of practical competency and professionalism as the title is not only recognized by the accountancy community in the country of origin but also across the ASEAN region.

Hence, an ASEAN CPA is allowed to provide accountancy services (excluding the signing off independent auditors' report and those services that requires domestic licensing) in other ASEAN jurisdiction without having to go through extensive re-qualification and re-training processes.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is currently waived and to be announced in due course.

What is the validity period of the ASEAN CPA? Do I have to renew my ASEAN CPA title? How much is the annual renewal fee?

The ASEAN CPA certificate is valid for one (1) year upon approval from ACPACC and is renewable annually upon application to the BDMC. The annual renewal fee will be announced in due course.

How can the public verify whether someone holds a valid ASEAN CPA title?

ASEAN CPA's and their relevant details will be place on the ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinating Committee website,

What do I do after registering as an ASEAN CPA?

After successful application as an ASEAN CPA, the professional accountant may refer him/herself as an ASEAN CPA and use the suffix 'ASEAN CPA' behind his/her name. S/he may also use the ASEAN CPA logo in their business cards, website or office.

How can an ASEAN CPA practice in other ASEAN Member States?

An ASEAN CPA is automatically eligible to apply to the National Accountancy Body (NAB) and or Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of the ASEAN Member States (AMS) to be registered as a Registered Foreign Professional Accountant (RFPA), should s/he wished to provide accountancy services overseas in the said AMS. An RFPA is permitted to work in other AMS only in collaboration with a designated Professional Accountant in areas of his/her competency as approved by the NAB/PRA. The RFPA is not allowed to work in independent practice.

What are the obligations of an ASEAN CPA?

ASEAN CPA shall be bound by local and international codes of professional conduct in accordance with the policy on ethics and conduct established and enforced by the country of origin and also by the domestic regulations of the Host country.

Can I be guaranteed a work visa/permit with the ASEAN CPA title?

The ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinating Committee do not have authority to issue working permits. ASEAN CPAs wishing to work in another participating AMS will be bound by local immigration policies of the Host Country. Work permits are subject to approval by the immigration authority of the Host Country.

Can other nationals, besides ASEAN nationals, apply to be an ASEAN CPA?

The ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) on Accountancy Services was an agreement to enhance cooperation in services amongst ASEAN Member States. Hence, the ASEAN CPA is open to only ASEAN nationals.