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Payment Section consists of 2 units (excluding branches):


Duties and Responsibilities of this unit are:
  • Processing local and overseas payment
  • Printing and distributing Electronic Fund Tranfer (EFT) Advice Letter for payment made by EFT
  • Entering and approving vendors data into TAFIS for Goverment Ministries / Department, Companies, Co-operations, Associations, Individuals and etc
  • Proccessing and issuing Monthly Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Monitoring Cash Flows in all Goverment Account banks - locally and abroad
  • Issuing receipts and proccessing revenue collection for Collectors' Statement, Cash Book and copy of receipt issued by Goverment Ministries / Departments
  • receiving any revenue and repayment made to the goverment
  • Paying Services Pensions and Widow Pensions at the end of each month


Duties and Responsibilities of this unit are:
  • Processing payment of salary and bonus for Government officers / staff using General Payroll System (GPS)
  • Proposing tentative date for payday and schedule date for processing application for GPS’s Codes
  • Processing application for adjustment / amendment outstanding amount of 'Subsistence Living Allowance' (ESH) of Government Officer / staff
  • Processing Last Pay Certificate for officers / staff that transfer department
  • Verifying payroll information in the Clearance Certificate for retiring officer / staff