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1. To enhance compliances towards procedures and the management’s objectives which also covers the analysis and evaluation of operational efficiency and effectiveness including internal control system and organizational performance.

2.Planning and conducting auditing/assessing the Departments and Divisions within the Ministry of Finance and Economy such as:

    a) Human Resource Development and Corporate Affairs

    b) Expenditure Division

    c) Revenue Division

    d) State Tender Board

    e) Registry of Company and Business Division (ROCBN)

    f) Treasury Department

    g) Royal Customs and Excise Department

3. Conducting inspections by setting six (6) controlled elements to make the assessments:

    a) Organizational Management Control

    b) Allocation Control

    c) Revenue Control

    d) Spending Control

    e) Saving Account Control

    f) Control of Inventory / Store Management and Vehicles

4.    Review compliance with policies, plans, procedures and regulations currently enforced

5.    Provide an audit report based on the  findings when inspecting expenditure accounts and collection of revenue of the Departments and Divisions within the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

6.    Provide recommendations for improvements if there are weaknesses in financial management and government property

7.    Prepare the appointment for annual board of survey  to examine on Cash and Stamps held in safe custody at Treasury Department and the Postal Service Department.

8.    Monitor the actions taken up based on the Audit Department's advice / recommendations.

9.    Work closely with the Treasury Department and the Audit Department in conducting information analysis and documents for any advice.

10.    Evaluate the structure and financial management control system.

11.    Maintain records related to financial management.