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​Main Function​

Treasury Department main functions are:

1.   Monitoring Governme​​nt expenditure and collections.

2.   Processing payment for services and supplies.

3.   Processing and managing payment of salary, gratuity and pensions.

4.   Processing and managing payment for advances and deposits.

5.   Approving and managing applications for Financial Services (Passage and Leave Allowances, Education Allowances, Housing Loan and Conveyance Allowance).

6.   Preparing Annual Accounts.

7.   Processing applications for write-off of unrecoverable revenues.

8.   To supply government financial records and documents (e.g. cash books, receipts).

9.   Certifying Salary Efficiency Bar Eligibility.

10. Monitoring government outstanding payments through Vendor Clinic and Invoice Tracking.

11. To ensure the continuous supply of imported rice and sugar with accordance to the financial regulation and best practices.

12. To supply and deliver office supplies and tools to other government agencies (e.g furnitures, cabinets, stationaries).