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Pre Investment Engagement (PIE):

1) To maintain and deliver Invest Brunei Darussalam (IBD) slides and other materials, eg. Setting up a Business, FAQ, Investor Handbook, etc to potential investors.

2) To introduce potential investors to existing Brunei Darussalam based companies, ie. Government Linked Companies (GLC), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and private companies.


Post Approval Care (PAC):

Facilitate post approved FDI and co-ordinate with relevant Government & private stakeholders to ensure the successful development of their project in Brunei Darussalam.


Project Monitoring (PRM):

To monitor and support the development of projects in the Implementation stage (including Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd and Brunei Fertilizer Industries Sdn Bhd).


Project Analysis & Research (PAR):

To further evaluate investment proposals, review current FDI and identify new areas of investment (including expansion) opportunities.