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Annual Verification and Registration on Cattle and Frozen Meat Weighing Scale for PDS Abattoir Sdn Bhd

‚Äč04 July 2024 

On 27 June 2024, Industry and Business Ecosystem Division (IBE) through Weights and Measures Unit (SDT) under the Ministry of Finance and Economy conducted an inspection and accuracy reading on one (1) unit of platform scale and five (5) units of electronic balance machines used to weigh cattle and frozen meat owned by Syarikat PDS Abattoir Sdn Bhd located at Lot. 2 and 3 Feedlot Industrial Site, Kampong Batang Mitus, Mukim Kiudang, Tutong District.

The weighing machines were verified as being accurate, valid and registered in accordance to Weights and Measures Act 1983 Chapter 151 dan Weights and Measures (Verification) Regulations 1994 Chapter 3 (1) and (2). 

As stipulated in the Weights and Measures (Verification) Regulations, 1994 under section 3 (2); Every person who uses or has in his possession for use for trade any weight, measure or instrument for weighing not stamped as required by this regulation shall be guilty of an offence. The penalty for such offence is a fine of BND1,000.00 or imprisonment for three (3) months or both and instrument for weighing shall be liable to be forfeited and any contract, bargain, sale or dealing made by such weight, measure or instrument for Weighing shall be void. 

For any enquiries, companies and public may contact SDT Unit, MOFE via email:  


Prepared by: 

Weights and Measures Unit (SDT), 

Industry and Business Ecosystem Division (IBE), 

Ministry of Finance and Economy. 


Reference: (056) KKW/SDT/ENF/04 

Date: 28 Zulhijjah 1445 / 4 th July 2024