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Temporary Closure of Petrol Stations for the Inspection and Verification of Fuel Dispensing Pumps for the month of February 2024

​29 Januari 2024

​Industry and Business E​cosystem Division (IBE) through Weights and Measures Unit (SDT) under the Ministry of Finance and Economy will carry out the verification of accuracy readings on fuel dispensing pumps at various fuel stations in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act 1983 Chapter 151. Whereby, the stipulated guidelines under the Act require all weighing and measuring machines used for trading purposes to be checked for their accuracy and validity, and whether the machines have already been registered with the SDT Unit. 

Considering the safety and well-being of the public as well as the workforce involved throughout the inspection and verification process, the relevant fuel stations, will be closed from 9:00 am and 2:00 pm until completion, with the whole process estimated to take two (2) hours. This routine inspection is conducted three (3) times a year. 

The schedule of temporary closure of relevant fuel stations for February 2024 is as follows:

For any enquiries, the public may contact SDT Unit, IBE via email: or contact at 233 4092.​