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Laporan Anggaran Penduduk Tahun 2022

The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS) has released the Report of the Population Estimates 2022 which presents the data of population estimates and key demographic characteristics of Brunei Darussalam’s population in 2022. The compilation for the estimates is based on the data of the Population and Housing Census (BPP) 2021 and incorporating the major​ components of population change, that is births and deaths for natural increase, and net migration. The main data source for the estimate are from the Immigration and National Registration Department, Ministry of Home Affairs.

​The main findings for the Population Estimate 2022 are as follows: 

  • Population estimate of Brunei Darussalam for 2022 was 445,400 persons compared to 440,715 persons in 2021, an increase of 1.1 per cent. 
  • The population in 2022 was made up of 235,0000 males (52.8 per cent) and 210,400 females (47.2 per cent). The sex ratio was 111.7 males for every 100 females. Brunei Citizens accounted for the largest share of 76.0 per cent (338,300 persons), while the shares of the Permanent Residents and Temporary Residents were 5.8 per cent (25,800 persons) and 18.3 per cent (81,300 persons) respectively. 
  • The Brunei Muara District had the highest population of 322,400 persons (72.4 per cent) of the total population. This was followed by the Belait District with 66,100 persons (14.8 per cent), the Tutong District 47,400 persons (10.6 per cent), and the Temburong District 9,500 persons (2.1 per cent). 
  • From the age distribution aspect, about 20.5 per cent (91,500 persons) of the total population were below 15 years of age, 73.0 per cent (325,200 persons) were in the working age group of 15-64 years, and 6.4 per cent (28,700 persons) were aged 65 years and over. The median age in 2022 was 32.0 years compared to 31.7 years in 2021. 
  • The Malays formed the largest community in the country with a share of 73.5 per cent (327,300 persons) of the total population. The racial groups of Chinese and others comprised 9.5 per cent (42,300 persons) and 17.0 per cent (75,800 persons) of the total population respectively. 

The Report of the Population Estimates 2022 is available from JPES’s website. For any enquiries on this matter, please refer to JPES by contacting the lines or browsing through the website below: 

Telephone : 2233344 (working hours) 

E-mail : 

Website :

​Full Report: ​Laporan Anggaran Penduduk 2022 Full Reports.pdf