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Case of Arrest Of Customs Prohibited Items

The Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED) through Law Enforcement Division continued on executing operations targeting three different locations on Tuesday, 23rd November and on Wednesday, 24th November 2021. 

The first operation was carried out on Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 at the premises of a board factory and a house in Kampong Panchor Murai where RCED successfully apprehended a man and a foreign woman aged 36 and 46 years old who were believed to be involved in selling activities of prohibited items by Customs which were 446 cartons, 6 packets and 16 sticks of cigarettes of various brands; a cash amounting BND3555.00 which was believed to be the proceeds from the sale of the contraband items. 

On Wednesday, 24th November 2021, the second operation was conducted in a forest area at Kampong Sungai Bunga where RCED found prohibited items by Customs which were 83 cartons, 10 packets and 20 stick of cigarettes. 

On the same day, the third operation was carried out at STKRJ Kampong Lambak Kiri where RCED successfully apprehended 2 local men aged 28 and 38 years old which were believed to possess prohibited items by Customs which were 174 cartons of cigarettes of various brands; as well as a car and cash amounting BND28,486.00 which were believed to be the proceeds from the sale of the contraband items. 

All contraband items were confiscated and apprehended individuals were taken to the RCED Law Enforcement Division for further investigation. 

RCED would like to remind the public to always abide the national law and refrain from engaging in smuggling activities or bringing in and out items that are prohibited or without permission from the relevant agencies. Possessing contraband items by Customs is an offense under Section 146, Excise Order 2006. 

RCED would also like to thank the public who have given their cooperation by channeling information related to activities that violate the laws and regulations enforced by RCED. The public is welcome to share information related to any smuggling of Customs prohibited goods or any activity that violates Customs legislation by contacting RCED at the RCED main line: 8714422/8721422 or visiting the nearest Customs office. RCED also guarantees that the identity of each informant is kept confidential. 



Date: 26th November 2021 

Customs Reference: ENF/PR/28/2021