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Operating Hours of Service Counters in Departments and Divisions of The Ministry of Finance and Economy

Following the press release of the Prime Minister's Office dated Tuesday, 9th November 2021 on the update of the Transition Phase under the National COVID-19 Recovery Plan Framework which will begin on Friday, 19th, November 2021. 

In this regard, the Ministry of Finance and Economy would like to inform that starting on Saturday, 20th, November 2021, the operating hours for service counters in the Ministry of Finance and Economy as well as the departments in it are as follows:

DayOperation Hour

8.30 a.m – 12.00 p.m


Please be informed that customers/visitors need to make an appointment beforehand with the Department/Division by contacting the Department/Division through the following platforms:


​For booking an appointment

(via hotline number/e-mail)

Hotline(during working hours)

E-Mail Address
Treasury Department ​ ​
Customer Service Unit2383444


​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Vehicle Loan Repayment Unit2383445
House Rental and Down Payment Unit2383931 / 8398228
House Loan Repayment Unit2838931
Education Loan Assistance Scheme Unit2383445 / 7373222
Education Allowance Unit2383461
Fare Leave Allowance Unit2383461
House Loan Unit2383483 / 8398338
Vehicle Loan Unit2383476
Pension and Baksis Unit2383478
Revenue Unit8398000
Payment and Revenue Collection Section2380822 / 2383469
Salary Unit8397000
Royal Customs and Excise Department ​ ​
Customer Service
Assessment, Classification and Tariff Unit8323841
Department of Economic Planning and Statistics ​ ​
Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs



​ ​

​ ​
Department of Planning
Finance Section, Department of Corporate Affairs
Revenue Division2383933 /
Registry of Companies and Business Names Division2380505


Trade Division


National Standards

During the appointment, customers/visitors must comply to the following guidelines as advised by the Ministry of Health when dealing in the building of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Departments:

  • Only customers/visitors who received 2 complete doses of COVID-19 vaccine will be allowed to enter;
  • Only customers/visitors with green and yellow BruHealth codes are allowed to enter the Ministry of Finance and Economy's building. BruHealth code and identity card must be shown to security guards at the main doors;
  • Customers/visitors must check body temperature and scan QR Code at each counter entrance through BruHealth application;
  • Customers/visitors must always wear face masks;
  • Always practise social distancing.

These measures are to ensure the safety and health of visitors as well as the officers and staff of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Departments within it are in good condition.