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Temporary Closure Counter Services at Departments and Divisions under Ministry of Finance and Economy

Referring to the press release by the Ministry of Finance and Economy dated Sunday, 8th August 2021 on the temporary closure of several counter services of departments and divisions under the Ministry of Finance and Economy starting Monday, 29th Zulhijjah 1442 equivalent to 9th August 2021 until a date which will be announced later.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy is pleased to inform that the telephone lines in the Treasury Department are updated as follows:

  • Declaration Section:

Vehicle Loan Deduction Unit - 2383445

House Rental and Down Payment Unit - 2383931

House Loan Deduction Unit - 2383931

Education Loan Assistance Scheme Unit - 2383445 / 7373222

  • Financial Services and Supplies Section: 

Education Allowance Unit - 2383461

Fare Leave Allowance Unit - 2383461

House Loan Unit - 2383483

Vehicle Loan Unit - 2383476

Pension and Baksis Unit - 2383478

Store and Supply Unit – 2384545

  • Payment and Revenue Collection Section - 2380822 /2383469