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Second Stage of Population and Housing Census (Bpp) 2021

​The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (JPES), Ministry of Finance and Economy would like to inform the public that the Second Stage of the Population and Housing Census (BPP) 2021: e-Census Implementation is currently being conducted from 20 April 2021 until 21 Jun 2021. The First Stage of BPP 2021: Houselisting has been completed from 20 January to 21 February 2021.

During the Second Stage period, the e-Census system can be accessed through the BPP 2021 portal at to enable the public to fill in their respective information online anytime and anywhere. BPP 2021 covers all persons, whether citizens of Brunei Darussalam, permanent residents or temporary residents who have stayed or will stay as usual members of a household for a period of 6 months or more in 2021.

The e-Census system contains questions related to housing characteristics and demographic characteristics of each household member, including questions on education, employment, health and leisure activities. The questions included in the census are based on the inputs from ministries and relevant stakeholders, as well as on the latest international guidelines for the purpose of country comparisons of census data. The census results will provide new benchmarks for the use of evaluation, planning and policy formulation by the Government, and various analysis and research purposes by other users.

Heads of households who have chosen to use the e-Census approach will receive a short message service (SMS) through their mobile phone numbers and emails. The head of household is required to register first to the e-Census System using the Access Code that was provided during BPP 2021 First Stage and identity card number. Verification of the e-mail address and mobile phone number will also be done before a OneTime Password (OTP) is sent via SMS. After completing the registration process, households can proceed to answer the census questions online. A Manual on how to use the e-Census System and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available at the BPP 2021 portal for easy reference.   

BPP 2021 is conducted under the Census Act, Chapter 78 from the Laws of Brunei Darussalam. The Census Act makes it obligatory for the public to answer all the census questions and guarantees the confidentiality of information furnished.

For any enquiries on BPP 2021, particularly the e-Census System, the public is  welcomed to contact JPES as follows:

Hotline  :  8382021 / 8382022 (Brunei Muara) 8382023 (Belait) 8382024 (Tutong) 8382025 (Temburong)

Talian Darussalam  :  123

Telephone  : 2230265 or 2230250 (office hours)

Email   :

Census Portal :

Website  :

Instagram  : statistics.jpes

A help desk is also provided at JPES Head Office at Block 2A, Jalan Ong Sum Ping, Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311.

JPES would like to seek the full support and cooperation from the public for the success of BPP 2021. "Be Counted, For Our Future”.