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Retired civil servants feted

Forty-eight retired officers and staff of the Ministry of Finance and Economy received recognition for their services in a ceremony yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy (Fiscal) Dato Seri Paduka Awang Haji Ahmaddin bin Haji Abdul Rahman presented retirement souvenirs to recipients who retired in 2020.

Acting Director of Human Resources Development and Corporate Affairs Muhammad Azizil Hakim bin Haji Brahim in his speech said “On behalf of the government and civil services, I would like to convey the highest appreciation to retired officers and staff who have contributed as civil servant.”

He added, “During the duration of services, you have gained various experiences. And I am confident that with the experience as well as knowledge obtained, you should be a role model for the current in-service generation. All the contribution and legacy left behind and entrusted to the new generation will hopefully be an example to current civil servants.”

Muhammad Azizil Hakim who is also the chair of the ceremony advised the retired officers and staff to be very careful when receiving cash rewards and others monetary gifts after retirement.

He explained, “Maybe certain parties would try to influence you to follow and invest in a commercial project that comes with promises of profits. Please be careful and study the commercial and investment risks so that you won’t suffer huge losses. You can seek experts in respective fields for advice and protect yourself from being scammed.”