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Vendor Clinic Remains Open to Address Issue of Late Payments

The Vendor Clinic introduced by the Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance since 25th April 2016 is still operational and open to vendors who wish to find out about the payment process or making inquiries and complaints about delayed payments for the supply and service provision to the Government.

The vendor clinic located at Level 2 of the Ministry of Finance Building, Commonwealth Drive is open from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm. Apart from visiting the clinic personally, contractors and suppliers can also make queries via the call center on 2383444 and by email

The clinic set up is part of the Treasury Department’s service improvements to address the issue of late payments in a more efficient manner. The clinic also provides advice on matters related to TAFIS, purchase order, contract module and invoice tracking system, purchase procedures and other related issues.

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