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Temporary Import

Commodities approved for temporary importation

·       Commodities for demonstration and exhibition.

·       Commodities for trade samples.

Approval or Verification letter

·       In the case of goods for exhibitions/demonstrations to the public, approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs must first be obtained.

·       In the case of goods for demonstration to Government Agencies or private companies, supporting letters from respective Government Agencies or private companies must first be obtained.

·       Application letter for temporary importation together with verification letters from relevant agencies/companies should be sent to RCED.

Duration allowed for temporary importation of goods

Temporary imported goods shall be re-exported within 3 months of the date of importation or within such period as the Controller may allow.

Security or Deposits

For dutiable commodities, security or deposits in the form of cash or bank cheque or banker's guarantee is required in accordance with the amount of import duty of the temporary imported commodities, in accordance to Section 90 of Customs Order 2006.

Refund of Security

Security or deposits will be refunded if the commodities have been re-exported, in compliance with all terms and conditions.

Refund application must be submitted to Controller of Customs.

Temporary Importation (Lease for Project)

Dutiable commodities for projects will be imposed duty based on rental prices and will not be refundable.

For more information on the calculation of duty based on rental, please contact our Customer Services Counter at 2382361 or email to