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Organisational Overviews

Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED) is a department under Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE) and the lead agency for indicator Trading Across Borders (TAB) under Ease of Doing Business (EODB).

RCED was established in April 1906 and named Customs and Bea Department. In the early years, RCED had formerly known as Customs and Monopoly Department in 1914 and Customs, Marine and Monopoly Department in 1930. The role and responsibility of RCED is not only focussed on collection of duties and controlling the smuggling activities, but also on financial matters. 

During their 100th years anniversary in 2006, RCED had launched their newly introduced vision and mision, and had also launched and enforced the Customs Order 2006, the Excise Order 2006 and the Customs (Customs Transit) Rules, 2006.

RCED has involved in international customs such as in ASEAN, BIMP-EAGA, APEC, ASEM, WCO and WTO. It became the 142nd members of WCO on 1st July 1996 and became the 150th members of WCO Harmonised System (HS) Convention on 20th June 2014.

Active collaboration between RCED and relevant agencies involved in import and export had help RCED and Brunei Darussalam introduced numbers of reforms aimed to improved and strengthen the external sector.


Strengthen Peace, Welfare and Prosperity of the Nation


Helping to Preserve National Security, Facilitate Trade and Increase Revenue Collection


Integrity, Firm and Friendly

Core Values:

  1. Sincere

  2. Honest

  3. Trust

  4. Loyal

Strategic Desired Outcomes:

  1. Improved Revenue Collection

  2. Fast Customs Clearance

  3. Safer Brunei

Etika Kastam 7B:

  • Bersih tangan dalam semua makna.

  • Berkawal keadaan.

  • Berkuasa dalam pemerhatian.

  • Berbudi bahasa dengan tidak hilang maruah.

  • Bertanya dengan terang dan jelas.

  • Baik-baik memeriksa.

  • Berunding dengan rakan sekerja dan pegawai kanan.

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