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Import and Export Licence/Permit

Licence or Permit

Licence or Permit is a verification or approval given/issued by the relevant Government Department/Agency responsible for the commodities before importation or exportation.

Application of licence/permit

Written application or completed form (subject to the requirement of the Department/Agency) must be submitted to the Government/Agency responsible for such prohibited and controlled commodities.

Additional requirement

There are some prohibited or controlled commodities that require A.P (Approval Permit) issued by the RCED other than the license/permit issued by the relevant Government Agency before being imported or exported.

Types of commodities and issuing Government Department/Agency

Types of Commodities Government/Agency Hotlines/email

Publication Materials/                   Royal Brunei Police Force           -+673-2459500
Prints, Films, CD, LD                                                          

VCD, DVD, Cassette,
Recital of Al-Quran,                     Islamic Dakwah Center              -+673-2382525
Hadith, Religious books,                                                     

Talisman commodities
(such as textiles/clothing             Internal Security Department      -+673-2223225
/etc.), bearing dubious                                                       

Halal, Fresh, Cold                         Halal Import Permit                   -+673-2382525                       
And Frozen Meat                         Issuing Board                  

Health Services Department                                                         -+673-2381640

Agriculture Department                                                                -+673-2380144

Royal Customs and                                                                      -+673-2382333
Excise department                                                              


Firearms, Explosives,
Fire Crackers,                             Royal   Brunei Police Force          -+673-2380144
Dangerous Weapons,                                                          
Scrap Metal

Plants, Crops, Live
Animals, Vegetables,                   Agriculture Department              -+673-2459500
Fruits, Eggs                                                                       

Fishes, Prawns, Shells,
Water Organisms and                  Fisheries Department                 -+673-2382068
Fishing equipments etc                                                       

Poison, chemicals and                   Ministry of Health                      -+673-2381640
radioactive materials.                    (Refer to the Food           
Medicines, Herbal,  Quality Control Section.
Health Foods, Soft  Health Services
Drinks and Snacks.  Department)                                                                                             

(Refer to Medical
Enforcement Section,
Pharmaceutical Services Department

Radio Transmitter                        Info-Communication                     -+673-2333780
and Receiver and                        Technology Industry (AiTi)   
Equipment such as
Telephone, Fax                  
Machines, Walkie-              
Talkie, etc.                      

Used Vehicles such                      Land                                           -+673-2451979
as Cars, Motorcycles,                   Transport Department         
Mini Buses, Pickups,
Trucks, Trailers and                      Royal Customs and                     -+673-2382333
non-motor vehicles                      Excise Department              
such as Bicycles

Timber and                                 Forestry Department                     -+673-2381013
products thereof                                                                    


Badges, Banners,                         Adat Istiadat Department             -+673-2244545
Souvenirs comprising                                                            
of Government Flags           
and emblems, Royals                                                    
Regalias, Government
flags and crests

Historical Antiques made               Museums Department                  -+673-2244545                         
or found in Brunei                                                                 

Mineral water and                        Ministry of Industry                       -+673-2382822
Building Construction                    and Primary Resources         
Materials such as              

Rice, Sugar and Salt                     Information Technology                  -+673-2382822
and State Store Department                                                     

Equipments such as                      Prime Minister’s Office                     -+673-2242780
Parabola, Decorder, etc.